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Tihonia Hinton Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
Math, Reading


Greetings!! With all sincerity, WELCOME 2016-2017 stakeholders, board members, friends, and family.  My name is Tihonia Sherelle Hinton, a native of Aliceville, Alabama. I am a mother of one son who attends the University of North Alabama in Florence. I received my Bachelor's degree from Stillman College in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting. Answering the call in 2003 to matriculatie to the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, I received my Class B Certification in Collaborative Education K-6.   I began teaching in 2005 in the Selma City Schooks District. Nevertheless,  I am indeed grateful to God for the opportunity to impart knowledge and wisdom into my little transformers' lives beyond boundaries. My friends, join us as we discover the sweetness  in success as we chase it through the pages of BOOKS AND MORE BOOKS AND MORE BOOKS. 

I love children, and I believe that all children can learn. They are treated FAIRLY, FIRMLY, & CONSISTENTLY. They CAN do all things through Christ who gives them the strength. (Paraphrased Phil 4:13) 


"Tell them, and they'll forget. TEACH them, and they'll remember. INVOLVE them, and they'll learn." (author unknown)