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  Mission Statement  

The mission of Sophia P. Kingston Elementary School is to provide all students with a safe, nurturing, and learning environment where educational opportunities are enriched to promote lifelong success through varied and engaging instruction provided by highly effective educators.  The students at Kingston Elementary School will acquire the knowledge needed to compete globally in this transformational society. The school is committed to ongoing improvement in all stakeholders.

  About The School  


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The work in East Selma was begun in the late 1800's  in a two-room cabin in which there were four grades with 146 students. The building was the work of Knox boys under the direction of Professor Bottoms with Miss Sophia Kingston as the efficient principal in charge. 

Ms. Sophia Philena Kingston, so named by her parents was a lover of wisdom and loved people to.  She belonged to that first generation of black educators, people like R. B. Hudson and Booker T. Washington, who spent their lives building up schools for their people. Ms. Kingston died in Burwell Infirmary on May 27, 1934.  The Selma Times-Journal hailed her  "for nearly half a century a teacher in the Knox Academy (and) respected by both her own race and by white citizens of Selma as a leader in negro education and religious activities here."

East End Elementary was founded by the community leaders and the Selma City School Board in 1961. Prior to this time, children had attended a three room school run by Ethel Jackson in a two story structure. Grades 1-6 were taught language arts, reading, math, science and social studies under the guidance of Principal H.D. Griffin (also the 6th grade teacher).  Pre-k and kindergarten program along with other disciplines (music, art, computer, Chapter I and II, physical education, special  Education and speech therapy) were added. Mr. Griffin retired in 1988 and Mr. Benjamin Givan served up until  1994.

 After which, Mr. Robert Carter began serving as principal.  Under his administration,  the school was renamed Sophia Philena Kingston Elementary on April 10, 2001.


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The vision of Sophia P. Kingston Elementary School is to educate the whole child through effective instruction inclusive of the promotion of citizenship to prepare students to compete successfully in a global society.

Core Beliefs

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At Sophia P. Kingston Elementary School, we believe:


1. A quality education includes teaching children how to learn and how to critically apply learning to daily life.


2. All children can learn, and should be given the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential, intellectually, socially, and emotionally.


3. Explicit instructional practices are inclusive of learning activities for diverse learners.


4. Students learn best when exposed to engaging, creative and innovative learning opportunities.


5. Student self-esteem is enhanced by positive relationships and mutual respect for self and others. 


6. Students should be held accountable for their making good choices and being responsible for their academics and behavior.


7. A safe, attractive, and physically comfortable environment promotes student learning.


8. Professional growth of educators is an ongoing process that is vital to providing a quality education. 


9. Parental and community involvement and support are essential in fostering academics and attendance.


10. School is a professional learning community that holds each student to high academic and behavior standards.